I Was In Prague In July 2011

I was in Prague in July 2011 just for the weekend from another European country. Stayed at EuroStar David (Pretty good hotel). Met a pretty cool black dude the first night while I was on my way to a club; We got lost while we were walking to the old town and while he was looking for Charles Bridge but we ended up chatting on the way and he mentioned he was on business from Ireland staying for the weekend to amongst other things. We departed ways after we got there, really nice fellow.

Visited Prague Castle and a few clubs over the weekend break. It's pretty much exactly like Warsaw so I felt at home there too. I would like to go back, so many good looking Czech women!

Karlovy Lazne was pretty good, 5 levels of different genres so you can't get bored easily.
lubes1990 lubes1990
18-21, M
May 23, 2012