These Two Things Top My List!


It's amazing! i spend most of the month wanting both of theses ... sex and chocolate.

Many times in equal amounts.

However, for 10-14 days a month ... all i can think about is sex. MEN!

When i do i usually eat more chocolate.

Been this way as long as i can remember. When i try to repress the desire for sex.

i eat more chocolate.

Definitely not helpful to the waistline.

MEN! Chocolate! SEX! Chocolate! WONDERFUL. DELICIOUS!

Is there some kind of link between sex and chocolate? Hormonal? Emotional?

i'm not sure, i just know i love both.







Is It Sex or Chocolate?



You decide!



Josie06 Josie06
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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

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Just one sex-crazed girl! Who loves chocolate.

Hahaha You rock Josie!!<br />
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Where do you get all these graphics? Your stories are always so much fun!! And always so temptingly visual!! hehe

Perfect combination when you get to combine the two, huh!!??!! :D~