I Enjoy Sph But Always Need Brand New Experiences

Although I get some level of enjoyment out of any SPH experience past or present I find I require at the very least new participants involved to achieve the same level of arousal. Of course completely new types of SPH events are always tittilating even if a the same female(s) have been involved in some capacity in a previous one but a repeat of an experience with only the same people involved loses a lot of it's excitement for me.
Thus it becomes more and more difficult to explore new territory or involve new people the longer I have indulged this fetish. EP provides a great outlet to make past events somewhat fresh again because at least there is potentially an ever expanding audience to relive them with as well as the feedback and repartee that generally ensues. Often i recall somewhat forgotten experiences or remember greater details of such as a result of this. Of course reading other peoples posts also can spark memories as well. as inspire new ways to explore SPH (or at least new fantasies)
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I do a lot of racing, so I am constantly in spandex. I am not big, below average actually, so after racing my little guys is shrunk right up and practically non-existent. Of course then I am standing there surrounded by super fit sexy girls and I know many of them. And the front of my shorts looks the same as the girls. You know they are looking. It is so embarrassing. Not impressive. Humiliating.

My wife has recently wanted to have sex with her laying on her side with her back to me. Whenever we do this I feel completely inadequate. I can barely reach her ***** and then there is almost no movement from my part because just keep slipping out. She seems to like it, but I feel humiliated. Crazy enough, as much as it is degrading, there is a small part of me that wants it. I wonder if desires the same feeling.