I pushed my Master over the edge. He pointed to the ground where I was to kneel at his feet. He slapped me. The side of my cheek is still slightly swollen.

It was his disappointment that got to me the most. The way he look down at me, the coldness in his eye, the pain from the blow.

"Get up. That was your punishment." I scrambled to stand, making myself small before him. His body is so close to me, I wanted to touch him, to feel him so badly. I crossed my wrist behind my back, standing still, whimpering.

"It hurts...please...may I please move...please..." I'm breaking down, tears streaming down my cheek. So desperately I wanted to feel his warmth, I hated the cruel coldness of his anger.

"It was supposed to hurt." He hissed, words a different form of a slap. I didn't say anything, only stayed as still as I could, wishing for him to hold me again.

A small gesture and I flung my arms around his neck, crying and sobbing loudly into his chest. It was the smallest gesture but meant the world to a slave, to me.

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Hehege I want your life style

The important thing is, to pamper yourself first. To please yourself first. It is very important to love yourself in any relationship! That is key. Your self value, self worth, self respect. As for pleasing your Sir, that's different for every relationship. Personally, my Master is a bit strange. He loves obedience and at other times he likes it when I fight him. So I act defiant and fights back. Talk to your Sir, be open with communication!

Okay :) thank you so much!!! I am feeling a lot better.