I have a fantasy to sit in a public place, like park or restaurant, and someone would approach me and ask me to have sex with them in their car or something. But it turns out they're going to tie me up to take them home and make them their slave. I'm forced to be their slave for a week and then hand me contract to have the decision stay their slave or leave and never speak of it again. It's a fantasy of mine and I so want it to come true.
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Very nice fantasy, I have lived something ver similar to that.

Yes! I liked it very much:)

When I became a slave I was looking for a steady **** to **** me. I met this guy on craigslist that was very nice and after he sampled my goods he said that I could be his steady bottom if I wanted. I agreed and he was ******* me several times a week and as our relationship grew he began to share me and I gradually became his slave **** for him and his friends to use anyway they wanted.

It was a very interesting several years and I got used in ways I thought I never would.

I got to be very tiring and I was wore out. My boipussy was worn out too

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