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What Brought Him Into These Arms Of Mine?

On the surface he was a loving husband, a wonderful father, and deeply respected among peers in his chosen career. 

A successful man, that was certain. 

...but there was a darkness in him, that complemented my own in the most perfect of ways. 

This was my first (and only) taste of the forbidden fruit. 

Was a feast that lasted all of five months. Secret meetings in less-than-private places, webcam shows while he was at the office on nights we couldn't meet. 

It is over now. 

I have never tasted a fruit as bitter....or as sweet as this one.  

It is not something I shall ever forget. 
lastleafoffall lastleafoffall 26-30 4 Responses Jan 4, 2012

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You pulled me in and left me wanting just a tad more....but then, so did you!

very intense.. drawn to the flame - the intense pleasure matched with the singed fingers.

damn...that's wild