I had a lover a few years ago that was the most amazing man ever!  The taste of his *** was like none other!  I told him if we ever lived together he would have to *** in my mouth every day!  He had the most amazing taste!  Well...it's been a long time since I've tasted him but I can still remember how he tasted and what an amazing lover he was!

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8 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Yes...I was very turned on by him... I am even more turned on by my husband... I love him so very much...I can't wait till he's home!

hat a sexy lady to be that in tuned with her lover!

Thanks guys...for the 10's....

No it isn't weird I find my wife sleeping on my side of the bed and wearing my cologne.<br />
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Yes I also give this a 10 to bad we can't do this on the EP rate system.

Thanks CJ...we all like what we like!

I will give this story a 10....

I love my husbands smell too! It's funny when he's gone I always sleep on his side of the bed so I can smell him! I know kinda weird isn't it!

Tried to rate but nothing so I give it a +1.<br />
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Love her smell.