Shave Me To The Bone

for such a long time now I have had such a strong desire to be shaved. It is so strong in fact that it has started to take over a part of my life.the snag is rather than just go down to the nearest sexy barberette & tell her to hit it with the clippers ,I have my own personal fantasy.
I want to be shaved by my own personal barberette in a sensual,sexually arousing situation.the shave would just be the centrepiece of a very arousing few hours.
firstly myself & my special barberette would slowly & sensually massage each other as we removed each others clothes,kissing,cuddling & generally turning each other on with neck kissing & massaging her hair,blowing on her neck & nuzzling her ears.
she would then put on a very short ,tight,white uniform,fishnets & special sexy undies.placing me in the chair & massaging my shoulders she would proceed to shave me to the bone with big powerful oster clippers removing her uniform as she went.
the climax to this would be to make love to her afterwards while enjoying a nice warm shower with the water cascading over our bodies as we join as one in ecstasy.
I can only live in hope that one day my ultimate fantasy will come true,but in the meantime all I can do is dream !
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56-60, M
2 Responses Sep 25, 2010

Share your passion and desire but not sure I could actually let her shave me to bald (not that brave just yet). Would love to put her in the chair and remove all hers though, very slowly and sexily, massaging her scalp as more and more of it is revealed. Then lather her up and shave it over and over until she's a sexy bald beauty.

It is interesting that my fantasy is to be shaven by a bf /barber/hairdresser the way you've described. But I am a girl.... And for real I would just have my hair nicely cropped....