The Touch

There are over 250 erogenous zones on a female body ...

it's a sad state that the vast majority of men can only think of 2. 

What is worse is that a large percentage of women can only think of 5.


Pleasure of learning is
only part of the fun @;~


winchester64 winchester64
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

I just like to be touched every where, all of it turns me on, just to have someone caressing my skin any where is such a turn on.

adding to the below:
eyelashes (sounds weird but works)

oh, stamping feet! EVERYWHERE.... mmmmm....... i love that touch on my skin

Here goes, starting with the obvious and moving on:
1. Breasts
2. Nipples
3. Vaginal area
4. Clitoris
5. Back door
6. ear lobes
7. inner ear
8. neck
9. throat
10. the bend of my inner arm
11. wrists
12. inner thighs
13. behind my knees
14. the bottom of my feet
15. toes
16. the palms of my hands
17. tongue (shouldn't be this far down on the list!)
18. lips (also shouldn't be this far down!)
19. stomach
20. belly button
21. lower back
22...not 250 for sure...but a decent start!! I love to be touched all over...