Whats Wrong With Me

Why do i have nobody to talk to. i am always on my own. thinking and obsessing about god knows what. i try to reach out to family and friends, but they are too busy or i'm not persistent enough. i don't know. either way i'm left on my own. i cant really speak to that many people for lack of trust. i don't want to be judged or have them think i'm crazy or whatever else.

i'm obsessed with loosing weight and its all that's on my mind if i don't lose 2lb a week i'm depressed. its the only thing i have to do so it keeps my mind off everything else. and one day soon ill look in the mirror and see perfection.

i was fine today then i rang a few people and they were all busy and that just sent me out of control, don't know why i let myself get down like that.
YourGirlFriday YourGirlFriday
Sep 16, 2012