My Bank Teller

My bank teller and I would flirt ever morning when I would make a deposit. These flirts became more intense and I finally slipped a note into my deposit and asked her out for coffee. She accepted and we met at 6 am before work we talked about many things and finally came to sex. She said her husband only liked to screw, *** and go wash up immediately like it was dirty. I told her how I love to eat ***** and especially one filled with *** she said that was fantasy of hers and her husband would gag just talking about eating ***** let alone one filled with ***. She asked if I would lick her after her husband ****** her and I said yes, she said she would call me to meet her when she had load for me to eat. Two days later she called me early in the morning and said, meet me in the back lot of the bank. I was there in a flash she was in her van she lifted her skirt and showed me her sticky wet ***** and I dove right in and started to lick that tasty *** filled *****. She moaned in pleasure as I made her ****** three times and I slurped up her sloppy ******** some had pooled in her pink rosebud and I finished licking it all up. Yum.
bugman234 bugman234
56-60, M
Jan 20, 2013