*** In Or On My Panties

I have to say I love having *** in or on my panties. I love when my boyfriends have *** inside me and then I put my panties on and there *** has leaked into the crotch of my panties. Also I love when they have rubbed themselves against my panties either front or back and have shot there *** all over my panties, love the wet feeling as there *** soaks into my panties. As much as I love stroking a guy with my panties and having him *** all over them, wearing panties and having a guy *** all over them is the best. Laying down on my back and having a guy stroke his **** against the front of my panties, feeling his **** pressing against the fabric and against my ****, I love how it feels to rub myself through my panties, and even been when a hard **** is doing the rubbing for me, its double the pleasure as we both get pleasure from it. I have orgasmed several times having a guy rub his **** against the front of my panties, and love it when we time it together and he **** all over me as we both ****** together. Another great way is to be on my knees doggy style and have a guy rub his **** all over my panty clad ***, love when he rubs his hard **** in the middle between my cheeks, love how the fabric presses into my *** crack as he pushes his hard **** against the back of my panties stroking against them. Of course the silkier panties feel the best, satin, silk, nylon and even microfiber work best. Panty play is such fun, more woman should realize how good it feels to rub yourself through panties, that silky fabric against a **** feels so good and couples can enjoy together panty pleasure together as decribed above.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

You are every guy's dream girl!!! That's just amazing you enjoy your panties as much as we do!!

Oh my god I agree. Totally hot. I love it when my girl puts her panties on immediately after I *** deep inside her and then tells me throughout the day how she can feel it dripping out. Soo hot!