Want To Try Sloppy Seconds....

The subject of a mmf with my wife has just come up. She seems a little interested and I think she would like to try it. I don't think she would do it unless the other man was wearing a condom though. Oh well a guy can dream right? Maybe if it was with the right person.....gonna have to spend some time searching....:)
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7 Responses Jul 17, 2010

My wife doesn't drink either... it sure slows down the chance for wild and crazy outcomes, but not completely.

sadly she rarely drinks, she is on medications that dont work well when drinking

I'm in the area if you want to take it to the next level. Does your wife drink I have noticed thatoften a woman after hse has had a couple of drinks she might loosen up

Hey Max, we are down the Thruway from you in Syracuse. We are starting to play a bit with another couple, our best friends. You can read our experiences if you wish. It took a long time for my wife to open up to this (married 10 years, occasional events over the past two years). We think the same way as your wife.....so many deseases, its a dangerous game. As such, we are comfortable with our best freinds. My wife would be fine swallowing or taking my best friends load, so condoms are not necessary. We havent gone this far yet, we are working on it. My buddy's wife isnt 100% comfortable yet. Its on my Santa List - and yes, we have been very naughty. Keep us posted as to your progress!!!

Reasonable worry. If you guys begin to play ... eventually you'll settle on a man that's safe.

Well she had her tubes tied last year so she cannot get pregnant.....she is mostly worried about getting and STD.

Condoms through menopause or at least to start... Woman have many reasonable fears when it comes to ***.