First Time First ********!

from the moment I lost my virginity I was into creampies. It all started at 16, a group of us had been drinking and partying and one particular girl had been very flirty with me. Her and I were friends and joked awkwardly as teens do about sex. She was far from a virgin as she had been dating older guys since she was 13. As the party was ending after numerous I could help you have some fun tonight jokes and all that she kissed me on the cheek all friendly like then suggested I go home with my buddies and then turn back and come see her. She had a bf so if I wanted this no one can know. I told her no matter what don't go to sleep.

I got home, my buddies walked on I hoped into my car, pulled the three condoms I had carefully hidden in my glove box out and then hoped out of my car and ran/walked the 6 blocks back to her place. As I got to her house I though to myself.. Um how do I let her know I'm here? I went to the back, her light was off but I noticed a note on the sliding glass door.. It said doors open come in and take the note down. I slowly opened the door, slid in and closed and locked it. Stuffed the note in my pocket and tip toed down the hall. When I got to her room her door was cracked, I pushed it open and she was already in bed.. I kinda stood there for a second the she looked up and said lock the door and get over here! I climbed into her bed and we kissed like crazy.. Before I knew it her lips were wrapped around my **** and it felt amazing! Then I went down on her, I had no idea what I was doing but I accidently started to do something right and she grabbed the back of my head and held me in place! She came quick, it was amazing!

She told me to lay on my back, and then started to straddle me.. I told her I have condoms, she giggled and told me I was sweet but she wanted me to feel ***** since it was my first time. She slid down and started to ride me.. Only after a few years of ******* did I know for sure but she had a fantastic *****! The fact a 16 year old girl had the muscle control she did was amazing! She rode me milking my **** with her ***** muscles, leaning forward and kissing me then whispered to me not worry and just *** in her. She knew I was close and pushed down deep on my **** and started to milk it even more with her ***** muscles I could barely hold on but I tried cuz it felt soooooo good! She gave two hard up and down bounces and smiled as my **** pulsed and exploded in her!

It was amazing! We ****** 3 more times that night, ah the joys of a horny teen ****! Lol it was the only night I ever ****** her and was amazing! From that day forward I pretty much only wanted bareback and ******** sex!
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That sounds almost exactly like my first time, except that she rose up off me and straddled my face and said to eat her P***y and taste my c**. I actually stayed hard as a rock while I did what she said and licked her clean, and she slid back down on it and rode me until she came. She rolled off me and I turned over and finished cleaning her up as more of my load kept dripping out. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but she was older and I just wanted to do whatever she wanted me too. she told me when I was done to not wipe my mouth, be cause we were meeting one of her friends and she wanted to see what she would say. Her friend immediately noticed and wanted to watch me lick the rest up, which I did. That was what got me into creampies

There's nothing better than giving the woman you love regular creampies. I'll never forget the first time my wife whispered to me to take it off and **** her bareback to make her pregnant! It was such a great feeling for both of us when I creamed deep inside her and it was the biggest load I've ever produced spilling out of her even before I'd withdrawn. Really messy but a great feeling knowing that I've impregnated her!

Every time

I had a similar experience. My first girl was a sex goddess... She too wanted me to feel my first time without a condom. She said she wanted me to remember her forever... And I have... I wish I had stuck around instead of moving on... She would have provided me a lifetime of amazing sex... Oh the way she used to ride me and squeeze my ****... The best part was when she used to tell me not to hold back because she'd get me hard again. She always wanted me to just let go and *** in her.

That's fcuking awesome - I bet you have never forgotten crempieing her !

Wow!! What a memory to have! I love the line when you say she whispered into your ear not to worry, just *** in me...

that's so beautiful, and it figures it took you years and other women to realize what a treat you had wrapped around your ****! :) what a fond memory, and i hope she sees this and smiles.