Seconds All Around?

What could be more delicious than another ******? :)  Let's see, your lady has just had great sex, a few minis and hopefully a big "O".  Now her ***** is all stretched and juicy.  It's full of orgasmic juice and creamy ***** and she says "Would you like a cream pie?" so you know she's ready to ride another O into the "can a person pass out from sexual ecstasy zone?"!  I love that ride and relish every stretched fold and delicious cranny found between those thighs as I go for my special cream pie!

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14 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Some women have all the luck - I suppose it would make restless nights and having trouble getting to sleep a rather rare occurrence in her home.

What a great description. You drove me mad... :)<br />
And yes you can pass out from sex. A friend of mine was ******* a married woman that would regularly achieve upto 10 hard ******* during a single ****. He would **** her 3 or 4 times in a session, and she would regularly pass out. it freaked him out the first time, but he's *** to enjoy it. Confirmation that she was well ******.

Just the sort of fun I envision! Cheers for you and your lady (ies) pacifichealing!

Sounds like your wife knows to have a good time! :)

That sounds like a good time! I often fantasize that way too.

Same happens to me burn1. I simply can't after ******* and I'm totally sure I perfectly would with another guys. It's somewhat funny I've no problem with that but can't take my own.

:) Well, I'll always have to wonder about another's cream as well! The trick to having the energy left is long slow sex. I have the added misfortune of lasting forever - a talent that I desired so greatly in my youth but now consider a curse! The only trouble with long slow sex, is all the ******* that she has wears her out as much as jackhammer sex wears me down. :) For a great cream pie ... both parties need to want some more.

Have always had the fantasy and desire to do this but never have. After I shoot my *** inside her and we slowly stop *******, I lose the desire to do it. I have even told her that I want to and she is up for it and has said she wants to but I seem to lose interest after I ***. Maybe it would be different with another guys *** in there as apposed to my own so that I would not have "shot my wad"...???

:) Yes - those two ladies know how to thrill us don't they?

Wow! Thanks for the rush Martine! I'm sure your girl and friends have a great time giving you what you love. :)

I am a gusher & I love having awesome & intense *******, pretty much all the time! My girl & other partners are impressed with me in bed & they love being with me. I love sharing my "cream" with them. I love being eaten out often too & I never tire of it!

I'm glad to hear it Visualone! :) My wife seems to enjoy it a lot too.

Absolutely. There's nothing hotter than watching another **** pumping your wife's hot ***** and blowing a huge load of ***** into it. Then you get to pump your own into her, mixing his and hers and yours together. Then the reward, you get to lick it all out of that hot throbbing *****! mmmmmm

You are right, there is nothing better. I get so shaky every time I get my **** even close to her once she has been cummed in by another man. I can smell it and feel it even b3efore I contact her, and when I do I feel such delicious heat as she sloppy little **** re-opens for me and his *** slicks up the head of my ****. I can feel the ***** spread out inside her with my thrusts, and when I go deep I love to feel it oozing out over my balls.