Never been on a site like this before and it's the first time I share my deepest thoughts with someone outside my inner-circle (made mostly by my 2 dogs).

I feel pain. I feel unsatisfied.

I am a 20 y/o network engineer working for one of the biggest companies in the world and I make a decent living considering where I live and that's my first job.

I am quite presentable, with all the parts in proportion (according to my exes, at least).

I do have a curse, though. My head. Well, not my actual head, the thing it contains, my brain. Due to ****** family environment I learned to take care of myself and be self-reliant pretty quickly, because no one was there to help me.

In reality, no one really cared. If I wanted something I had to earn it with my bare hands. This thing changed me. Made me a rough person. A worst person.

I believe in no God. I find stupid people who do. I deified logical reasoning because is what has kept me running all these years. I have no morale when it comes to humans. I have to friends, first because there are no friends, or at least I didn't find any, second because I am kind-of a son of a ***** with people.

They learned pretty quickly that I don't like them and they adapted in not liking me. I go to prostitutes because I find them more honest than most women. I know what I am paying for. I also think the only thing women should do is stand on their knees. I find people like Hitler, Stalin, etc to be some-what right, on certain things. I believe they focused on the wrong things though. It's really a shame.

I believe in death penalty and I think it should be introduced for basically anything you do wrong. People would behave better.

The system is bad, the world is bad with few exceptions that get eaten away by the bad and evil.

I live life on autopilot. I live life through movies and tv shows, my obsession.

Most probably I will kill myself one day, once I tried all the things I can afford. Most importantly, I am a damn curios person and I just can't die until I know how the future will be.

That's it really. I am not a likable person, I know. I don't follow almost any rule. I would mind sleeping with my daughter or my own mother, if they were attractive enough. I would kill if I had the chance and knew I could get away with it.

The only thing that I value in this life are my pets and animals in general. Quite frankly, I hope humanity will just destroy itself and let the planet be what it was at the beginning of time. Nothing more than dust.

I am also quite a chatty person, so please feel free to contact me, if you have the brains to do such a thing.


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Try to love people, they construct your life.