The Angelon

In a world of Artenesia, Destiny is a powerful force which has been ruling the fate of all who lives in Artenesia. The unimaginable power of Destiny is collected in a book called "The Book Of Destiny". Since earliest of histories evil spirits have wanted the book. If the book , by any chance get in wrong hands the damage would be beyond repairing . So to prevent it, the Elemental Spirits combined their powers together to create a supreme spirit, The Angelon. The story shifts to 6 years old Aria Grace, who witnessed her mother's death and her father being seriously injured by the attack of Ecrustans, beings that exist in the shadows. In the present day, Aria , now 18 years old, is studying in the nursing academy so she can become like her mother. She is told by her father that she is the mortal form of The Angelon and she is meant to protect the Book Of Destiny. She is shocked to know that her father was a Collector, people with the power of creating weapon with the help of energy they drain from the Evil Spirits. She detests this at first but when the people are attacked by Ecrustans she swears to protect the Book Of Destiny at any cost. The ruthless King Lucas of Doria, wants the book all for himself and with the help of a priest Cruz, he resurrects the king of Hoarfrost Stefan who had been cursed the powerful witch Queen Leia. Aria meets with Blue Mist Knights, who are sworn to protect Artenesia and other Collectors. She also comes to know about the existence of rivals of Blue Mist Knights, the Black Mist knights who are helping King Lucas. However, King Stefan also wants the book for himself and to get his revenge on Aria whom he thinks is Queen Leia. Together with the Blue Mist Knights and Collectors, Aria fights to stop the Evil power to control the Destiny.
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Cool but my anime stories ãrė wayy better :D