Just some of my thoughts on life: Destiny And Choice

I have been thinking a lot about destiny lately.

In part due to a significant dream I had in 1998, I have felt that life is 50% choice and 50% circumstance, but I am not sure of destiny. Any more, I tend to think that time is something we humans have a very narrow understanding of , and that experiences which suggest inner-connectedness are not a matter of pre-destination but rather of our being able to occasionally travel along time lines/channels that are unseen/unknown to us. This could explain psychic phenomenon as well as deja-vu, 'soul mate' connections (in part), and precognition.

I have seen a lot of people bogged down by their belief that life is pre-destined and not up to them. This is often the case for people who feel victimized, and this assumption can hinder their healing. I have chosen to move away from the idea of destiny so that I may make healthy, honest choices for myself based solely on NOW and my plans for my feet-on-the-ground future. Indeed, creating my own world, and always having the ability to chose for myself.

Self 'reinvention' is part of this... I am now reinventing myself, my world... it's not easy, undoing the old destructive thoughts and other habits and instilling new, healthy ones. I find it difficult to break away from that which is ingrained so deeply over time, but I believe that at any time in life, it is worth the effort. Life has not been easy for me, much of it due to circumstances outside of my control. However, I am here now, however I arrived, and I believe that owning responsibility puts and keeps the power in my hands, head, and heart to create the life I want and feel that I deserve.

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One year later, wondering how your journey has progressed.

Brtuck80 - hahaha THANKS! :D

MyLucidDream - thanks for your feedback. I had to re-read what I'd written... it holds :) There have been some changes in my word since I wrote this... for the better, mostly, but... whoa... I have a LOT of work to do! Especially on the financial end of my reality... creative self sufficiency. It's my biggest work now. EP has been quite good for me on the social front, tho. :) A great place to BE REAL, and accepted.

This is a great post. I don't know about the time continuum part but I agree about the rest. I have often questioned the destiny idea, it's flawed, something about it doesn't fit. And I do think that we can make changes & choices that change our destiny, otherwise, really what's the point? Very interesting ideas. I also totally agree with you that effort & energy is needed to make those purposeful changes of habit, environment, social circle, etc. For the most part, it's not just going to happen, you have to make a concerted effort to change your life &/or your destiny to move in the direction you choose. You have to act upon your own life & your circumstances, as opposed to, only being acted upon.

patientalpha - it is a struggle, but I feel it's absolutely worth it. Along the way, there are 'epiphanies' that seem to slide new and positive thought-habits into place. It doesn't happen without 'doing the work' though, or so it sure seems. Also - making changes. That "friend" who really isn't a friend at all? Lose them. Dust and rearrange the furniture. Move. There are actions that can help facilitate the growth, I find. Easier to establish new habits when you are not surrounded by the same-ol-same-ol.

@fr8 - interesting. Why inertia?

That is an intriguing concept of time speaking as someone who experience psychic phenomenon frequently. It really doesn't explain the cat who tells me sometimes the future.