Destiny, I Will Construct It With My Own Hands

should we believe in all world's misery...everyone taste it,the taste of changeless path of life, or not?Life, the deceptive hollow,and we are falling in's such a grandious pleasure to anguish own brain with such helpless information,about all....progress,regress,deceptions,depressions,crimes,sorrow,pain?....STOP!you can do it yourself,hold it in your own arms and feel it-your destiny,your OWN destiny, you are the architect,you can change it by yourelf,and your life is just your's,can you feel the fresh flutters? If are lucky, you made it...destiny....

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
18-21, F
10 Responses Feb 16, 2009

There are many ideas in my head,that are contradictious...I'm in a contradictory with me,and I like's interesting....

Your belief in astrology contradicts this..But I dont believe astrology only what you said here!

I'm totally agree with you!

Destiny and fate doesn't exist, i think we are to find out where we want to go, and just go that way. There's nothing written, and you are not getting out of it so easily saying "it's destiny and it will happen no matter what i do" you have to get things moving by yourself.

but is not too late...

so i'm happy we are the same *hugs

i agree with you.. we are the same.. we choose our own destiny.. whether we realized or not.. we do have a choice.. Hugs*

i will oposse and say that destiny can be changed,just if you want it very own experience

Well i agree with Elagarto.. <br />
<br />
We cannot control our future and we did not know about future but our actions can indicate our future results .. .. <br />
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By its very definition, destiny is something that you CANNOT create. At best you can influence your future, but you cannot control it.