I Create My Own Happiness

"Believing on Everything makes you a Believer of Nothing..." ~ Santosh Patel

I was struck by this quote from the latest anticipated movie of the new year, 2013, LIFE OF PI. I don't know if I should contend on it or perhaps agree with it. I just knew that I somehow belong there in between. True enough, believing on everything creates a feeling of encompassing truth but who dare says there is an absolute truth? Nothing claimed is untrue coming from the viewpoint of somebody who dares to believe on one thing. This is some point confusing. Anyways, back to my purpose of writing .

There is only one statement I would like to declare to the whole world for this new year - I AM HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE. The financial security I am having right now is nothing compared to what I have from before. The pressure building inside me NOW is twice stronger from what I've felt before. The inclination to the world of isolation is becoming intense than before. With all of these in my current status, I shout to the world, I am Happier than ever before.

I knew myself better.
My strengths, as well as my weaknesses.
My desires, my wants, my needs.
My worries, my fears.

I am leading to the world unknown within the path I wanted to follow.

I always say this... I am but a Dreamer.

I have my own share of ups and downs. I play within the rules of ambivalent nature. I may not have the dice, the cards, and the money, but I do have the Ace.

The compass is within my reach, but I want the world to know that I don't know how to read a compass! ^_^ So, why exactly am I sharing these thoughts??

... ... ... because I wanted to thank year 2012 for making my life grounded. ^_^ Now, I welcome 2013!
PsychjiLL PsychjiLL
Jan 9, 2013