It's the Law of Attraction, In Action!

what we say is what becomes.  if i keep saying negative things about myself, then they become true.  but every time i say that i am a successful, happy person, that becoems more true, too!

i have affirmations posted in my bathroom, "I am lovely" and "beautiful" written on the mirrors.  it makes me smile to see them, and the more times i see and read them, the more i feel it.
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I am glad you shared this. I believe more people should try this idea out. It really does work. There is a book that takes to extreme this very idea. It is called the Secrect. it is a movie as well. If you have not read it you may find it interesting.

Hmm if one puts filthy in front of the words rich billionaire how will that affect this positive affirmation with negative money words? Maybe I will just stick with I am a billionaire. I am a billionaire. What if everyone instead of tiring of living told themselves they were immortal, healthy and youthful? Would that affect the aging process and physical health? How much does our mind control what causes sickness? I like this topic and have heard that olympic athletes envision their successes as part of their training regiment.

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try starting with gratefuls. what are you grateful for? and each time, say the whole sentance, out loud if ya can. I am grateful for... i sometimes go thru the alphanet in gratefuls. I am grateful for apples. I am greatful for bunnies. I am grateful for chocolate... you get the idea. once ya get more positive energy flowing in you from gratitude, it gets easier.

I am with you totally on this, except I say my positive affirmation with all the positive energy I can muster, but deep in my soul, I can't make myself believe that anything about me is truly positive. Therefore I have that hidden doubt and my results are less the stellar. Any suggestions, please.

you bet your buttons i say them out loud!!!

This is so very true, too bad that others don't realize it or don't believe it, although it's unreasonable to deny something that's proven to work. Anyway, since you're into affirmations and all (I'm too) and maybe you already know it what I'm gonna say, but, to make them work better for you, say all that stuff OUT LOUD. Verbalize it. Written stuff works too, of course, but verbalized works much better. I can't explain the whole mechanism behind it, it's all clear in the books. It has to do with energy, which is much stronger once it's actually pronounced. <br />
I'm working on my "I have a complete peace of mind" and "I'm filled with joy every day", those are big statements and it takes time, but I do feel like it started to work! Yey!