My Inner Self Is Amplified Through The Internet.

I've created another "me" through the internet. Now, I'm going to tell you guys something I really shouldn't, but I will just to make myself feel better. Years ago... I met someone that I won't disclose the name of... and she's the reason this "other me" came out. I fell in love with her, and swore to myself I'd be there for her. I would help her out with her problems, no matter what, and would gladly give my life for her. And... as long as I lived, I'd never let anything bad happen to her. Even though it was an online relationship, I felt I could protect her. Then... as years passed, we lost contact with each other, and I became more... carefree, and... well, I became my "offline" self. I've recently found her again, but I can't seem to get that old me back. I still would die for my friends, and even more (if that were possible) for the person I love (even though I'm single right now), but I'm not the... invulnerable self I used to be. I still talk to her, but we've both changed, and ever since, I've been desperately searching for that alter-ego I created years back.

PlanetaryPieces PlanetaryPieces
18-21, M
Mar 10, 2010