Well, I Did...in My Novel.


As specified elsewhere, I 'made-up' a more efficient city design that seems to make more sense then suburbia.

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It’s not finished yet. I'm re-writing the first draft now. I’ll be sure to announce when and where it will be available. I’m considering putting an excerpt from my short story on my blog.

How can I read your novel? (OK, I admit it: I'll just skim read it.) What is it called? Where is it available?

i agree. it does indeed make MUCH more sense. i've run your idea (giving YOU full credit) by some friends of mine - thinkers - and they ALL LOVE it! in fact when i tell them your age range they get this puzzled look on their faces as if to say, "some one so young thought up something so seemingly simple meanwhile i'm 50 and have been pondering this for decades and couldn't do anything with it that'd make a big enough difference! d@mnit!" lol <br />
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i rather enjoyed sharing your idea with these 'thinker' friends of mine and then pummelling them with your age. it was for my own humor and laugh. i knew how'd they react - as if it's such a great idea, like socrates thought it up and then when i tell them your age they get all indignant. HILARIOUS! but worry not ... i understand the age discrimination ... i went through it too being told i had to put in my time ... ugh! hopefully you'll break that line of thinking ... even if you do have to put in your time ... you're gonna do great things, my friend, GREAT things!