Am I The Only One Or Are There Others Like Me..?

I was born and raise in a place where hate anger and dead was not hear a town where we used to call san fransisco javier .

in my tenagger years i did everything from the best of good, through the worst of evil  i like to keep a small profile of my self , i been through depression to Suisidal attempts to burn my self in gasoline to mixing pills to anithing even  a O.D i used to cut my own self without fear because i felt no pain regardless where the only thing that make me feel was relief. i been through depression to real retarded mental sick person i try so many drugs weed, cocaine, crystal meth, crack, taps, pills, i even used to mix whisky with crystal meth or anithing stronger that would keep me high for long hours.

i was in so many gangs some i wont mention, been in jail more times than i can remenber i'm a sensitive person but also there's a part of me that i dont like because its the one that i would loose control and i wouldn't give a **** it would be killed or be killed. yet for some time now i been able to control it through meditation, yoga, and opera.

i do many things from old school hip hop to break dancing, to bashata, merenge, salsa, cumbia, tango, mambo, creole, punk music, to what ever is out there, i customised and create anithing i pleased from 3d graphic arts and desing, to crating real motorcicles for a diferent purpose, rollerskating but to take it to a greater level of inventions such as reversible engineering to Surfing, Sky diving, Drag racing, Drifting, anithing i that everybody say's its imposible i see thast as a challnge to make it happen.

There's only one thing in my nature that i cant explain or know how it came to be and i would like to know if there's more people out there like me,

this is a first time in 2 years that i would make public here because i know as a fact that there others like me i hear many people talking not the bullshit that people or doctors may think its a sickness something that pills counceling and seeing my docxtor every month thast bullshit i know its real more real than anybody can think of.

The first two people were Danny & jessy  funny thing that nobody in the world belives me and i try everything from spiritual doctors, to psychics to find more information but so far i havent find no one else like me.

By me saying this i know about the risk people asking questions, propaganda, paparasis, anithing that has to do with the media and reporters but for once in my life i want to know if i ask you who ever you are who might reed this..!

?.... Would You Belive It...? 

People alway's say if i dont see it i wont belive it, well i'm living it with no exemptions or thinking tomorrow its gonna go away these people live in the area of nyc me i dont i know the area but as for now i keep a low profile of my self i do what others do enjoy life.

I know that one day i'll be proven wrong but that day is not yet to come only thing i can do is wait if there's somebody out therew like me please say so and i dont mean the stupid people who would say bullshit to let others belive that sush things are real.

I know what's reality and facked I'm not crazy at all, i know what is like for others to think you are full of **** i been in so many places, situations alway's confronting the thruth of it and i know every single one of them depression, hearing voices, getting analised in a hospital for weeks, catscans, u named it, there aint **** you can say to me that i havent heard or done before.

fisherxyc4 fisherxyc4
26-30, M
Feb 17, 2010