Communal Harmony


My name is Moobear and I have spent the last five years living and working as part of a commune in an extreme and hostile environment. As part of the commune we all work together and no-one was any better off than anyone else. We share our combined skills to maintain our existence and overcome our limitations. Though this experience we have grown as individuals to become one. This may sound like a utopian ideal, but it is hard work with rewards that outweigh any monetry benefits that society has to offer. 

When I return to the real world, I am concerned that greed and corruption will once again enter my life. I wish to start a new commune with the same ideals as this one, but open it up to anyone who feels that this is the kind of existence that suits them.

The idea is to produce ourselves what we need to survive and trade only to obtain what we cannot grow, not for personal benefit or profit. I have dedicated my life to the study of our planet and now want to offer something in return, so, I want to build our commune from all natural materials that are as one with our environment.

If you can imagine starting with a bare piece of land, like a blank canvas. With the skills you will bring to us we will work together to paint a picture of harmonious living, with co-operation and compassion leading the way.

You do not need to have specific skills in agriculture or construction, nor do you have to be rich. You only need to be willing to try.

I have learnt from my experiences in this commune that it is possible to live without want, without hate and without mars bars!!!

If this sounds like your ideal, join me to become us.


moobear moobear
36-40, F
1 Response Oct 1, 2009

I would love to hear more about your experiences...did the commune you were in end?<br />
I admire and greatly respect what you have done but don't believe it's my life path. I wish you much success. :)