I Feel Like An Idiot

okay so i;m at work on a very busy friday, so busy that i sometimes even lose my mind. i feel bad because theres this girl i work with and i have sorta become good friends with her, and we always teach each other about the opposite sex, so she teaches me about how women work and i tech her how men work. she is quite attractive but i just see her as a friend because i respect her, but i wasnt thinking when i did this to her. she got changed into her casual clothes and she looked so pretty in it. she said goodbye to me as she was leaving but i just looked at her with my big eyes because she looked so different in that tight top and miniskirt which was quite short. i think i creeped her out when i looked at her that way, but i cant help it, when girls wear such small outfits it really catches my eye, and i didnt mean it, so i might say sorry to her for staring at her like that, but i dont know if thats the way to go, i feel like a creep and i didnt mean to do that.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

well yeh i know what you mean, dont worry most guys do that! atleast your mouth wasnt open!<br />
if she acts wierd now then you should tell her sweetly, sorry i was staring i just didnt recognise you in that lovely outfit, idk XD<br />
but if she acts normal then dont say anything, just act friendly and stuff