This Guy Wouldn't Leave Me Alone

I'm an eight grader now, and last year(7th grade), was pretty awkward for me since I had just gone from a private school to a public school, and didn't know anyone there. It was almost the end of the year, and I was having my 13th birthday party with me and some of my closer friends. One of my best friend decided to prank call this kid she knew. Let's call him...piggy. So she calls piggy(I had no clue who he was), and starts asking him who he likes and all this. He names me. I was shocked, because I had never even heard of him. So the next morning he texted me, and my friend had given him my number. I asked him who he was and how he knew me. He said he was in my pod(a group of 190 kids in one 'building/room') and he's 'seen me around'. Now I went about texting him for awhile getting to know him. One morning, on the last few weeks of school, someone said hi to me. I turned around and said 'I don't know who you are, but hi' and he said 'i'm piggy.' I was shocked. I don't want to sound rude, but piggy was one of those guys that you get a weird feeling about, just by the way he looks and talks. I quickly and nervously waved and ran to gym. Later that night, he texted me, and said 'can i hug you the last few days of school?' and i just didn't know what to say. I said, stupidly, 'uhhh sure' and he replied with a smily face. I told one of my really close friends, and everytime I saw him coming towards me, she would hide me behind her and we'd run. I felt bad, but I really didn't want to hug him. After school was out for summer, it rained a lot. One night as it was raining, I was texting him and I said 'man it's cold out here'(as I was sitting on the front patio), and he replied 'yeah I wish i had someone to cuddle with' and i said 'lol' and he replied 'i wish i could cuddle with you' and I literrally froze. I felt so scared. I was stupid though and replied, 'lol i'm already cuddling with my dog sorry'. Well the next couple of weeks he kept telling all of my friends how much he liked me and kept asking me to hang out with him(specifically the pool) just one on one, and I kept making up excuses. One night, my friend texted me in all caps and said 'WATCH OUT! PIGGYS GONNA ASK YOU OUT!!!!!' and my heart started racing. Right after I got a text saying, '(my name), beautiful, will you go out with me?' I was really scared, as I've only ever rejected one guy. I sent this really long message saying things like 'maybe we should talk first' and stuff. He said 'ok. we'll hang out, and then I'll ask you again in a few weeks' and I was just done with him. I was kind of mean, and straight up told him I didn't want him talking to me, and HE got mad at ME! I mean really! Did he not see how creepy he was being?! Anyways, the whole summer passed, and I didn't see him again, and we're not in the same pod anymore, but I saw him last week at the volleyball game I was playing in, and he kept staring at my butt in my spandex. Anyways, things are better now, but I was really scared for awhile. I seriously locked my windows and stuff every night because of him!
mylifestories2009 mylifestories2009
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012