Johns Last Kiss

my heart was breaking like shattered glass and i couldnt care less it was as i had been ******** of hope love faith glory beauty and will to live i was bare and left for the world to destroy me more than him accepting death did my dress was made of black lace yet it didnt matter i still felt bare the drugs made me skin and bone i walked up to his coffin open i think thats when i finally accepted the fact my love was gone i looked down at him his sandy hair combed back his once tan skin as pale as mine his eyes were closed i closed mine i remeber there deep emeralde green i missed the passion he always had in his eyes i opened them again he was wearing a tux it made me laugh in irony it was the tux he was wearing when he told me he loved me the day he told me he wouldnever leave me and now hes gone i messed up his hair screaming "you make him look like someone else tryingto keep yourself from faceing the fact the real john is dead so you dress him up pull back his hair paint him pale and hope it will hurt less but it does nothing" i kissed him and started crying deep howles of complete dispare in pain
nadinesbloodlust nadinesbloodlust
May 25, 2012