Pink Floyd And Chicken Boys

Yeah well-Pink Floyd was playing in my car. He and I were in my car outside of an apartment building where a party was going on. He was kissing me and I stated to cry. Pink Floyd makes me cry, and I was feeling a jumble of emotions I remember thinking of how fake this all was. I knew he was an *******. He stopped kissing me and traced the tears down my face with his fingertips. This sounds rather tender and romantic, but it was neither. It appeared that way, but I knew what he was. I knew from the beginning that he was only with me because I Looked Good. He being of the cool people, part of the "in" crowd. But you know **** happens, **** happens and he showed just what a skinny little chicken boy he was.
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Wonder if he ever got a clue ... as to your tears that evening.

******** tend to remain ********.

@hlpflwthat-Yes, ******** remain ********. He came to my church (Unitarian) some summers ago. Somebody must have told him I went there.When I went in he jumped a little with recognition when he saw me. You have to understand that it had been years since we'd seen each other, and much **** has gone down in those years. The last I'd seen of him before the time at church I was in a hospital bed, in a coma from having a horrific wreck. So it did feel good to have him see me then-look at me now, *******.