I was thinking about my days as a youth and all the trouble I use to get in. When ever I was caught disobeying or misbehaving I could always count on a bare bottom spanking from one of my parents. I was spanked up till the age of 15 and maybe once at 16.
As a youngster when ever mom or dad started scolding me and at the same time they were baring my bottom I was pleading and crying not to get a spanking. As soon as I was over their knee the crying got louder. When that paddle or hairbrush landed the first swat I was screaming, kicking and bawling. I got at least 10 to 15 swats each time.
As a preteen (ages 10 thru 12) I became a little braver. I was made to bare my bottom while I was being scolded, Once over their knee and after two or three swats with the paddle or hairbrush is when I was crying and begging them to stop. As a preteen I always got at least 25 to 30 swats and my bottom felt like it was on fire.
As a teen my parents started to grounf me for certain thinks. If I commited a major offence, I was not only grounded but got a spanking that I had problems sitting for days. Dad normally did the spanking once I was a teen. Once I had bared my bottom, I was made to lay across my bed and with paddle in hand, dad would blister my butt good. Even tho I was a teenager, I was bawling like a child.
No matter what age I got a spanking, I always did the spank dance until I was told to settle down or I would get another spanking.
I wonder how many of you criend before, during or after a spanking.
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For me I cried before, during, and after when I was really little. The first time I was made to bend over daddy's desk in his study I cried when I saw him take the paddle off the wall, I was so scared. And those 10 swats with that paddle had me bawling and pleading. I was never allowed to rub my butt after once over the desk spankings started. I had to stay bent over that desk for 1/2 hour while my *** was still on fire. If I ever attempted to rub I would get more licks focused usually on the backs of my thighs. I learned real quick to deal with the throbbing and burning for the full 1/2 hour. I cried a lot when my dad spanked me, his punishments were always spankings I would never ever forget. But I didn't fight him, only time I ever pleaded was when I saw that paddle. Oh and my last 3 spankings at 16 1/2, 3 nights in a row, nights 2 & 3 I cried before he began and howled throughout and afterwards, you could have heard me blocks away...

Did you even do the spanking dance as a 15 year old when dad spanked you in your bedroom over the bed once you got up off the bed? Did mom ever see you get spanked by dad after you became a teenager? How did you feel about bare bottom spankings as a teenager and did you prefer to get spanked by mom or by dad?

Once a teen did dad ever spank you or come in room that you were being spanked in? Did dad still spank hard and how much crying was there at ages 13-15? Ever cry before the spanking when you were a teenager. What was most embarrassing teenage spanking you got?

I'm one of them! It didn't work once Mom was determined to spank me - I usually got a few more that "gave me something to cry for."

yes that many swats with a hairbrush would put your bottom on fire.

i was just the same as you it did no good protesting i was in for it and i was going to get it

Like you I also started crying as soon as I saw my mom with the hairbrush in her hand. I would cry and plead saying things like "no not the hairbrush mommy, I don't like the hairbush cuz it really hurts my hiney." Her usual reply was something like "I'm glad to know it really hurts your hiney. That's what it's suppose to do."

She would put me face down, pants down across her lap and by the time she stopped spanking me I was bawling like a baby.

I was smacked up to the age of 14 or so and always cried.

I can relate. Even as a teenager the announcement that I was about to receive a whipping would make me start crying. I tried to take it like a man, since I knew that was important to my stepfather, but it was no damned use. If he wanted me to take it like a man, he shouldn't have whipped me so hard and on the bare butt!

Isn't crying a given....I also cried when I had to spank my own children. ~I know I am a mess

But did you cry when you got a spanking from your parents when you were a child.

Always! I never suffered spankings from Mom (or the one single one that Daddy gave me) without crying. Not only did it hurt, but I was nervous and supersensitive as a kid - I cried when told I was going to get it, during it, and after it. If Mom thought I was carrying on too long, I got more for crying - "something to cry for", as my parents termed it.


That is an entirely different story. One that need not be retold.

Jenna, how often did you spank your children and how did you do it? At what point did you start to cry yourself?

i was spanked and beaten as a child and when i 1st started spanking my kids i cried after it brought back so many memory's

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