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I do not care for the bare bottom spanking.. I know many think it is the only way.. I read the stories of girls getting their panties pulled down and I feel sorry for them.. I got it bare a few of times when I was a little girl .. It hurt so bad.. It hurt bad enough with my panties on.

Tried it when I got older.. YUP.. It still hurts like crazy.. I don't need that much abuse.. I can still be made to cry without it.
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Nikki - I don't believe that the point of bare bottomed was to make someone cry. It was the spanker's CHOICE - quite often because they got it done to them that way. My mom did and she did it to her four. None of use liked it - but my parents did not have police bringing us home or curfew violators.

You don't have to like it. That is your choice. But it happened just that way in my house and we all came through it with the minimum of bruises and maximum doses of respect.


My mother would rip mine down to my knees too. I guess I always been modest

Do you believe that it stings more bare butt? I think it does. Way more. I got paddled some but for the most part it was the belt. Bare butt, it feels like that damn belt is ripping your flesh off in strips. The paddle is more of an explosion that radiates out.

I agree. I never got the belt - but that damn wooden paddle that mom used or her hairbrush (given only when we were out of the house and out somewhere) hurt just as bad as any leather strap. I got just as many bruises as I would have with one of those belts. Of course, if you have sensitive skin - like me - just a few spanks on the bottom made you look like your parents tried to commit MURDER.


I think that a paddle might actually bruise more - and you are right about having sensitive skin you are going to bruise - but belt leaves linear bruises instead of the round one from a paddle and the belt or strap leaves welts. But I dont feel a marked bottom means it was too severe. Bruises anywhere else on the body and it is abuse. But the fat and muscle of the butt is fair game. You can not do any damage to a bare butt that wont go away in a day or two and I believe it is a perfectly fine spot to use for holding someone accountable for their actions. The deterrence effect of knowing you are going to get your butt beat keeps many of us (well, while we are kids) in line. We would act straight knowing that mom or auntie had that paddle or strap handy.

A day or two? Sorry. but no. The one time my dad spanked me, he used his HAND and he was a truck driver/construction worker with big,calloused hands. I was bruised for a week. He never spanked me again - he was drunk and misunderstood what he saw, and I was his only daughter and his favorite - but my mom took up the slack. Both my parents would NEVER let anyone else lay a hand on us.


OK I was trying to avoid people jumping on me about "how that is abuse" if the butt bruises last more than a day or two. Honestly, the effects of one of my aunt's strappings did last the better part of a week. i remember a couple of offenses that earned me more than one so she strapped me, waited a week for my butt to get back to normal, and put me face down on the bed again for the next part of the lesson again. I was a teenage knucklehead boy... I was no stranger to a sore butt. My teen years... please....

But the feel of being paddled vs getting the belt is very different even though both are horrible. That strap just feels like is it ripping your butt right off the frame. The paddle is that pinpoint explosion at the impact and then radiates out in a circle over your whole butt. I hated both. But I almost always got the strap.. either the belt or the razor strap. I was a noisy one too.... I just couldnt take it... so I was sobbing and screaming pretty quickly and it sounded like like they tried to commit murder. I am sure the cops had our address on some list to not respond to screams. :(

I'm sure you didn't live in Chicago. I was born and raised there, and cops responded to any raised voices or screams. They still do, but they don't cruise the streets anymore in squadrols like they used to. We used to see them come down our side street quite regularly - the park was right around the corner from us and there were noisy fights most of the week. Those were the days. (Sigh.)


I would love to chat more if you are willing. May I join your circle?

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I tried to send you the below as a message and it wont let me yet until it recognizes me in your circle. So for now I will ask you this here...
Hey, it is Jeff. First let me say that I like to chat about these experiences for real. I am a firm believer in the value of answering for your actions with corporal discipline. I am not trying to be weird about this or anythig. So may I ask you a few questions? Do you believe that paddlings and strappings should be bare butt? What age do you think \"Discipline through butt beating\" should end, or should it? Jeff

No, 11, and yes.


I love intelligent conversation... so why do you think panties should stay up, do you think the extra sting of bare butt is too much? And 11 is an interesting age, why there? So you dont agree with "my house, my rules or else" or that teenagers should get their butts beat? Or until someone leaves home for college?

Like me - I have super sensitive skin, I can bruise if I knock my arm against something. That's why when my dad used his hand the one time on my bare backside, I looked like I had survived the Second Coming. If the wrong person saw it, I'm sure there would have been cops and jail. 11 is when my mom stopped with all of us - except for one time when my sister was 16 and not only missed curfew but changed her story about who she was with and where at least four times.

Beating anyone past preteen age is not only humiliating, but insulting. It suggests the kid is too dumb to talk to. Kids DO grow up, y'know.


And you can message me back if you prefer when you do get time.

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I got spanked bare butt with the belt. I cry the whole time.

I didn't like being spanked as a kid. It was very painful but I now compare spanking to drinking. How often do you go our drinking, wake up I a bad hangover and say "never again". Next week you do it again. I got spanked, hated the pain and embarrassment of it, but the severe pain was gone very quickly (quicker than a hangover....) so you carried on, misbehaved again and then you remembered the pain. When I first started to be spanked for pleasure we started light and built it up. Even now, often I don't like the pain of the actual spanking but the great feeling before and afterwards make up for it.

Wow... Me too.. Never was the pain. The pain often made me cry. The nervous butterflies before or of being told " you're getting a spanking". The submission.. Then the reliving it. FOREVER

I HATED the fact I was getting bare butt ... it stung so much more. I always thought it was unfair that my sister got to keep her panties up when she got her butt beat but I always got it bare butt. My aunt believed "boys needed it worse", or that "the panties dont offer protection anyway". That was baloney though. They do. The sting is so much less. One time she caught me playing with her panties (I bet most teenage boys try that at one time or another, putting on a womans silky panties). She got the belt out and gave me 30 with the panties up - it hurt but it didnt sting as much - and then 30 with them down. The sting is 10 times worse. She repeated that 3 more times every weekend. just as soon as my butt got back to normal i was getting it again and my butt was sore for an entire month. But I never put her panties on again!

for the most part, its not about the pain, and those that just give it for pain, are missing the discipline and mental side. Its about the situation, having to be exposed, the shame of having to say why you are getting the punishment, even the corner time and more - all to hit your mind along with your body.

Yes.. the mental part of it was huge. I hated the fact I got it bare butt more than the fact I got it, period.

Well I can only remember one spanking with pants up and I didn't even cry.
I think at least for me, it wouldn't have worked as well unless I had my pants down.
Part of it was obeying and getting ready for the spanking too. That was part of the punishment.
It is the breaking of my childhood stubbornness. Sure it hurt a lot and cried for a long time but I still think it was the loving way to raise me.
I don't ever remember getting a spanking I didn't deserve.

On some of my replies to these posts, people have commented me back, saying they "wouldn't have spanked me for" something my mom paddled (or hairbrushed) me over. Then I am asked, "Why didn't you stop her?"

Hey! One, I was between three and eleven when I was spanked. Two, she was my mother and I respected her, mad as I was over getting paddled. Three, I saw almost every other kid I played with getting the same raw deal. So whether we deserved it or not, our parents thought we did and the pants came down and we went over (the spanker's knee).


The one time I thought I'd say no to my mom saying bend over. I ended up later getting a worse whipping than I would of. Plus my panties ended up at my ankles too. I never said I wasn't gonna bend over again. It just made my punishment worse and wasn't gonna keep it from coming once it was said I was gonna get it

I have felt the paddle only once in my life and it was over boxers. I'm not sure if there's much difference between bare and over boxers but I definitely don't want to find out.

Spanking was one of the ways we were punished. The funny thing, is it became a game with us kids. My cousin who was 8 would tease me And I would threaten to spank her. She would keep at it and I would grab her. After a struggle i would have her down. On your bare butt, I'd say. She would struggle and I'd reach in her pants. I never took then down but i whanked her a couple times. After a while she started teasing again. This went on for several years.

I still like a good bare spanking