I Cry Myself to Sleep

Every night when I lay down. I cry

I look at the space where my daughter's crib should be and I cry myself to sleep. I have her Bunny on the nightstand by my bed and Sometimes I hold it in my arms and just breath in the smell of her that is still present. She died 4 months ago today and it still hurts. I can't look at a baby girl without crying. I see a pink car seat and I turn away and walk the other way. The pain has not gotten any better it's only gotten worse. It's like a rock lodged in my chest right where my heart used to be. If I ever want to find my heart or hear it beat I just have to go to the cementary and lay my head on Her grave and I will hear it slowly beating buried with her. Every day I cry because every day my soul hurts

Starr79 Starr79
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 23, 2007

Wish I had words to bring to a lil happiness or a lil smile on ur lovely face dear

I am DEEPLY, DEEPLY sorry for your loss...there is nothing more painful than losing a child or parent. I hope that someday you are able to cope better with this devastating experience, but I think that no matter what, you will always feel like part of you is gone. I am very, very, very sorry. Take care.