First day of school, and I went in very excited. I couldn't wait to see all my friends, but I was especially thrilled to see my crush again for the first time in three months. I hoped to God that this school year I would have a class with him. Well, hours passed and classes passed, but I still had seen no sign of my beloved. In my fifth and final hour I began to worry tremendously. What if he transferred? What if he moved to a different state? What if I'd never see him again? I was terrified to my core. I felt tears welling in my eyes just from the thought, but I fought them because I wasn't about to break down in class on the first day. The hour passed very slowly. I could hardly wait to take out my phone and text him like a maniac. When school ended, I went home and immediately shut myself in my room. I was in a no sh*t mood. I sat down, whipped out my phone, and asked him how his first day went. As I sent the message, a single tear slid down my cheek. The thought of losing him was devastating. Very quickly, I received a message. To my surprise and great relief he had a good day! He even saw me once!! Slowly, tears of happiness replaced the single sad one I had previously released. Nothing mattered except for the fact that my darling was still with me.

Thank God.
WinterIncandescence WinterIncandescence
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Hmm did you tell him about your feelings before ? Does he know that you like him ?

Yeah, I told him a while ago. We're not together or anything, but he's still my friend which I appreciate.