Texas Is A Long Way From Home!

I have a husband who is incarcerated in the State of Texas. His sentence is for 10 years. The detrimental effect of this is I live in our home in Florida. The miles between us are at least 850. So as you can see, visiting on the weekends isn't that easy.

I feel lost. At any given time during the day I burst into tears. The pain in my heart is the worst I've ever experienced.  Right now, it's been almost a month since I've heard his voice. I haven't seen him since Jan. 11, 2010. How can this be good for him? He needs family and friends as well yet I understand that he did not have to do what he did. I miss him. This all seems like a nightmare. I'm ready to wake up. 

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

My husband was laid off from his job. A job he loved to wake up knowing he was going to work. And being the big, strong, man that he is, getting laid off and being unsucessful in locating another one within a month, was very damaging to his ego, self esteem, and his manliness. Therefore, he took it upon his self to do what he had to do to provide for his family. I was taking a full schedule at the college and the last thing he wanted me to do was quit school. So, he agreed to drive the car which was to be used to haul illegal drugs. I begged him not to go. although it had no effect, he went anyway. All the while insuring that everything would be fine. I never expected to receive that phone call. And he never excepted to have to make it. I have never been through anything like this yet I love my husband very much, leaving him has never entered my mind. (For better or worse, in good times and in bad were the words I spoke proudly on the day I married him. I only wish the pain of loneliness would subside. At times my heart aches so bad that it litterally brings me to my knees. My 21 year old daughter is out of the home but my 15 year old is constantly by my side making it extremely difficult with having to hold these emotions in until I'm alone. She doesn't need to see my scared, upset or hurt. She needs to continue believeing that everything is going to be fine. Mom is strong and can handle this. This is why it hasn't affected her in a damaging way. She understands that he's suffering the actions of his wrong doings. I can not fail with raising a decent, young lady. Nothing has changed other than he is absent from the home. Rules are the same, dinner time is the same, bed, curfews, chores, etc.. is still the same.

What has he done to deserve the 10 years...if you don't mind me asking here. You could PM me if you feel thats the best way to share. Can lawyer do anything to help?