I've been crocheting since I was about 7 years old. My mama taught me, and I practiced untill I was good at it. A year later, I started working on a blanket and I've been working on it ever since (and I'm not that far, either! I figure I'll have it done by the time I have my first child...)....
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lol oh no you didn't put a downer on me. Its not just the blanket. I'm not really a good finisher, thats my problem. And I'm a writer! HA! Isn't that ironic? A writer who isn't very good at finishing things.... :) I would put mine by the couch, though, but mom keeps hers there and I don't want to crowd the living room a year before I leave for college. Lol..

Well how big are you planning to make it? I find that if I keep my work near my couch, that was I can pick it up and work on it when I am watching TV. But only do this it it is something you are only half interested in. Or something that you just want to listen to. Good luck and I didn't mean to put a downer on you. : (

Lol thanks! :)

He he that's what happens. We start something and do not realize how long it will take. Good luck