I Hve Always Loved to Crochet

My grndmother taught me when I was about 5. I learned to make a chain. I made chains miles long. Every color I could. I would make chains that went all through the house. Of course, I had to pull them out and re-roll them back into a ball for my grandma! She then taught me different stitches. I learned how to make scarfs, then blankets and then I learned to read patterns. The sky's the limit.

My very best friend crochets too. We used to just sit and crochet and enjoy a cup together, me tea, her coffee. I miss those days. We live far apart and the time we do get to spend together, we certainly don't sit and crochet!


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Have you ever done the calendar bed dolls from Annie's Attic? I recently bought one for a bed table and fell in love with it! I haven't crochet in years and decided I wanted to get back into it. I've bought a good set of hooks and a libray (well 4 good books) of information, but I don't know if my skills are up to doing those bed doll patterns. So, I thought I'd ask. If you are not familiar with them, go out on ebay and search for "bed doll 1991". That will show you enough to see what I'm talking about.

I'm here if you need me for crochet questions! I never learned how to knit. I can cast stitches on and that's about it!

I may have to ask you crochet questions. A friend and I teach girls to knit at the prison. We have about 3 of them that are crocheters and refuse to learn knitting. Our plan is to go ahead and just learn it.

People don't wear "string bikini's?" LOL The only riot would be your fans! LOL

LOL I might get escorted off the beach for causing a riot! Ahahhaaha

Yeah, one made of that thin cotton thread!

Max always teases me that Im not a good catch and wont make a good little wife because I cant knit or crochet!<br />
Maybe I will learn one day - rekon Id look smokin hot in a crochet bikini LOL