When I Get Home...

When I get home each afternoon, I slip off the boy things and just walk around in my panties and a T or my cami that I've had on all day. I could get dressed up but like most girls I just feel like getting comfortable after a long day in the office.

What I would really love is to go to work all day dressed en femme, come home, kick off the heels and peel off the stockings, skirt and top the way my girl friends do.

Sometimes, I get dressed in a smart skirt and blouse, do my hair, makeup etc and go for  a drive at night. Then I come home (as if from the office or shopping) and then ***** off down to undies and cami or bra an just lounge around or make supper etc. It feels nice just relaxing and enjoying being feminine.

I suppose that sounds odd if you're really into the clothes and all but for me I just kind of feel released if I can just be myself around the house.

Just wish I looked good enough now to get around confidently in public (with my clothes on, of course!)


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Mar 4, 2010