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I crossdress because people expect to see me as a man. So as i go about my daily life, I'm crossdressed as a man. Because I definitely don't consider myself to be a man, therefore when I am wearing womenswear, I am not crossdressed. There is no 'buzz' or sense of arousal when I get into a skirt or dress. It's just being true to the real me.
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i agree with you. i dress to be me also.

The true transition starts from within, being honest with ourselves and being confident ooozes out and effects those around us. I'm not in it for the sexual thrill (These come naturally) I an a T-girl because I feel honest with myself when I present this way. Once I resolved my inner self I realized that "I was reborn" and that I am still the loving caring compassionate souls that I always was. Little things like being able to find that "just right" dress for my girls was no fluke, their friends are dumbfounded by her admission to them that her "Dad" has the best taste in girls and women's cloths. I watch them spend hours looking for the right dress, then I come up up with one in hand and they say 'Where did you find that, its just what we are looking for". Live each day like it's your last, go to bed with a clear mind and be happy about life.<br />
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I own 2 pair of male drawers (I hate those words), they are for the sole purpose of going through T S A check points. I don't consider myself a cross dresser, I just accept the term that society has placed on people like me. I am a human being that chooses to wear clothes that I choose to wear. I'm not comfortable in clothes that aren't what society says is appropriate for persons born with a male body.

I understand what you are saying Fullcircle. However, I put those thoughts out of my mind as my wife has told me she would be gone in a heartbeat if I ever said I was more than a CD. So, I just don't take the time to ponder the point. I am a CD and proud of it. I do know I like to push the envelope and prefer to dress in skirts more than pants and I always underdress. My wife and I shop for clothes that are unisex and most of my shoes are from the girls section of the store. Even this last week, I bought a pair of ladies dress pants to wear with my suit. My suit pants became to big because I have lost quite a bit of weight and the tailor said to alter them would be to drastic. I couldn't find a pair of Men's slacks that didn't have too much room in the legs so I bought these dress slacks. The only thing is the rear pockets are fake. Just stitched to look real. I don't care becaus I never use my back pockets on any pants. If my wife decides to leave this world before me then I might look at things differently but for now I enjoy the liberties I have.

I have to say "cross-dresser" was a convenience term along the way of finding myself. A while ago I changed my profile to read "T", because the more I dress honestly to my gender (not my body) - and that means fully presenting as female - the more I know who I am. But in the mix are a whole lot of us who are "non-operative transgender" for various reasons, from clinical, to financial, to hanging onto a partner out of love. When I dress (outer) male now, it's out of obligation.

And PLEASE be careful out there, there are still people that (for whatever reason) love to beat up on T.V.'s crossdressers or whatever you may be. I hate to bring the bad stuff up, but please be careful. Be aware of your surroundings and if possible, be with someone. Love you all and I pray to God that all of you will be safe.

If you live in a concealed carry state, get your permit. With that you can carry real mace...not just pepper spray or even a stun device. They could come in handy. The other day when I was getting my gun, I saw a stun device that looked like brass knuckles only it packed a bigger punch.

I absolutely agree with you all. I don't consider myself as a crossdresser, Transvestite or any other tag you wish to use... I am me, This is who I am. I have a group on flickr and a Genetic girl refused my invite to join because she said it was for crossdressers and Transvestites I was deeply offended by this.<br />

Wow! I've never had such swift reaction to something I've posted!! I am so glad that I was able to make my point and that there are like minded people out there!!

Hi Ivana. I have the same regret. I wish I had the resources to have transitioned in my teens. I think about that often and it sometimes makes me sad. But, it`s never to late and I`m going to fulfill my dream.

I would have to agree with some of the other posts. I was born a male but have always felt to be female. Not only by dressing as a female. Even on a day to day, Mentally and in my heart I feel female. I have stated before that long after sex or "release", I still feel true to that side of me that is female. Explanations, excuses, delusions aside, it is who I am. My only regret is that this realization didn't come sooner. My unsolicited advice to a younger generation is that you go with your heart. The world is becoming more tolerant and you should race to embrace your happiness so that you may live the life you're entitled to have.

Hi Rose. We seem to think alike. I dont remember where on here I posted it, but I said pretty much the exact same thing as you. When dressed as aman, I`m playing a role that people expect me to be, but it`s not who I truly am, therefore, I consider that to be crossdressing for me. I am Debbie Heart, so when I`m dressed en`fem, thats the real me.<br />
Hugs, Debbie.