...it Fulfills My Need To Be Feminine

I have never been a very macho man although I very much enjoy watching football and rugby (making the appropriate noises) and am usually quite happy to be male. But when the urge to dress in my skirt and stockings etc comes upon me (it tends to come upon me in phases and has done since I was a young boy) I find my personality changes with the clothing. I become very erotically charged and love the female me that emerges. I am basically hetero, as I read, most cd's are, and not at all turned on by masculinity or the male form, but when dressed I have strong fantasises of having an admirer there to tease and please, although I have never yet interacted with anybody - Would I though? That's an interesting question I often pose myself.
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I agree with everything you say Fiona.

Same here my dear. It's common with us isn't it?

me too sweety i find my personality in dressing as young boy mothers garters and stockings made me femme unitl today all owman lingerie an dmore niw Sasa in me need