Meeting New Friends

i met a friend about two months ago we met one of the first times i had gone out to a local gay bar for the first time i have crossdressed at home for many years but had just gotten brave enough to go out well to get to the point me andmy new friend found ourselves in his car to smoke a dub well dub turned into me dubing him after i gave him my number told him to call me if he ever wanted to well tonight he did asked if he could see me i happly said yes but i would have to go where he was gave me adress and away i went well to my surprise when i got there he had two friends who he said had just popped in well i was a little disappointed but it is what it is we started smoking some dub and the next thing i knew i was doing all three i never thought i would ever do something like that but all of a sudden i found that it was amazing and i could not stop doing whatever they asked me to do for them when i got home this evening and looked in the mirror i started laughing with joy realizing what i had been missing i usually wear female bras and panties 247 but know i am going to let go and enjoy what i have missed forever i think i am going to clean myself up dress up and go to the club in denver great i hope maybe i will meet another new friends
elexes elexes
56-60, M
Nov 28, 2012