The Urge To Dress In Girly Clothes

My wife knows I've done it, but hopes I have given it all up.....which I have, until the next time.

When I'm likely to be alone and undisturbed for, say, a whole day I'll raid my Femm-trove and decide what to wear. That's fun in itself. The longest & most time-consuming part is the makeup or face preparation and application of nail varnish &c. Donning nice sexy form-fitting yet flowy-sexy clothes is fast and fun. I like pert little nipples, so small forms are the thing.
I LOVE prancing about in a cocktail dress, or a skating dress, flaunting my sparkly hose-clad long pins and long flowey golden wig. I can't manage really high heels. Three inches in about the outside. Anyway, I'm starting off at 6'2", so how much heel do I need?

I also have great fun posing and photographing myself and editing all my pics. I find this also quite erotic. That's the name of the Game, after all.
Maryesther Maryesther
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2012

I've been dressing up daily for 50 years! The family business has helped me stay passable though I was born. Male! I still have a male body but a feminine face. My legs are in great shape for my age. When I go out I get hit on alot but I never mind! I was lucky also because when I was little my voice was high pitched! After puberty it stayed high! Well after 50 years it would just be So wrong To dress like a guy!yuckie!!!!!!!

<p>And a good game it is. I'm glad to see that there's another "elderly" type that enjoys the pleasures of dressing properly.</p>

Despite my height I like high heels so I wear them anyhow now.

I am 6'6" in just bare feet. My shortest heels are 5". It's the feeling that you get wearing higher heels.

I am 6'6" and love to wear heels unfortunately it is difficult to find size 16 heels. I have found a couple places on line, Any suggestions

We have signs all over our house "Beware of ceiling fan" because I wear 5" minimum heels.