Another Summer As Mary Beth

I've posted earlier stories about when I began crossdressing. A quick intro - my mom caught me when I was 12, she had advanced degrees in sociology and was cautiously supportive. She had me wear a dress around the house, usually in the evenings and on weekends. Our summer vacation to my aunt's house in Cleveland, I went as Mary Beth and lived the two weeks as a girl. When I was 14, I wanted to stop crossdressing but my mother didn't want me to stop just on a whim. So I spent that entire summer at my Aunt's house as Mary Beth. I have two cousins (Ann and Margi) who were very supportive. Support from my sister came later.

The summer I turned 17, I had just finished 11th grade. I had two summers left before graduating. By the end of last summer, I was glad I didn't stop crossdressing and told my mother I wanted to live as a girl whenever I could. Her once cautious support became, over those few years, enthusiastic support. She said she could see how much happier I was when I was Mary Beth.

So when I got home from school after it let out, I got dressed and lived the entire summer, at home this time, as Mary Beth. My hair had grown long and last summer I had it colored blonde and feathered, kind of like Farrah Faucette's was back in the day. In school, I could comb it so it wasn't so much a woman's hair style, but with a few big hair curlers and a dryer, I could get it feathered again. A little makeup and a dress, and i was Mary Beth.

I'd spent so much time dressed as Mary Beth throughout the year, that I really had no problem going out or spending the summer as a girl. I spent most of the weekends throughout the year as Mary Beth, so now it was just a daily thing.

I wanted to find my first job, but I still wanted to spend the summer as a girl. That was the challenge, finding a place that would hire a boy living as a girl. But I got lucky, as the hair salon where we got our hair done had an opening for a "shop girl", someone to clean up and do odd jobs around the salon. I walked in and asked for the job. They knew I was a boy but they were fine with it as a customer, and they were fine with it as an employee.

I worked about 25 hours a week, sweeping up hair, stocking the shelves with products, and just doing odd jobs that needed done. No customer ever thought I was a boy. This worked out perfect, because as an employee, they would do my hair and nails for free.

But as summer was ending, the manager was concerned. They would still need someone to work there. She asked me if I wanted to keep working there after school started? They had mostly evening hours and it would work out for school. It would mean going to school as a boy, but getting dressed as a girl for work.

I talked it over with my mom and she thought I should do it. I'll need money for college and a my own car since I was learning to drive. The problem is that I wanted to keep my nails long and I couldn't keep painting them for work and taking the polish off for school. I decided it was worth going to school with nail polish on and took the job.

So summer ended and I found that I was spending less and less time as a boy, and finding more ways to be Mary Beth. I kept that job, right through college. That beauty shop is still open, they still do my nails.
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Where is this beauty shop?

that is truly wonderful.....I am envious!!