True Gender

I dress as a boy some days. I have a male suit and a few nice shirts too. I just feel so confident and comfortable as a boy. You could say complete. I have some casual shirts too.

I have a boy name too. Its the name I call myself as opposed to my female name I was born with. If you haven't guessed it I'm trans. My boy name is Ray.

I have always felt like a boy. Even when I was younger I always chose boy clothes and climbed and played rough with boys...

drakneko drakneko
26-30, T
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Hi I liked your story, I have had similar experiences except I am a boy. It does create some shame, but I do feel whole when I do it. So to compensate I have created female characters in games that I play as my avatars complete with female names. Or I'll read books etc. geared more towards girls. Sometimes I wish the world were genderless and their were no labels as to what is masculine and feminine. My girl name is Katie, that's the name I would have had had I been born a girl.

Thank you for your story, I wish you the best of luck :)

A world thats accepting would be great. Its a shame there is a defintion of whats 'female' and 'male'. I mean the only difference should be whats between your legs and on your chest. Even then some dont fit that even. Putting how you act, what you wear etc is just beyond silly. I try not to be ashamed of anything I do. I have strong extremely masculine characters in games....Katie is a sweet name. I don't know what my mother would have called me if I were physically a boy. Ive always liked the name Ray though.

I like the name Ray too. Thank you for your kind reply it is just so frustrating sometimes feeling like this. I have some masculine chararcteristics too, like you in games and I am a guy lol I don't know, sometimes I wish I could just switch back and forth between the two sexes depending on my mood that day. I told my therapist once I wish the hell I could just act the way I want and not worry about anyone else. She said, why don't I in which I replied it isn't that easy.

It is frustrating. I find that now I have chosen to live as fulltime male its much more satisfying.