I Am A House Husband Wear Sari And Now My Wife Is My Husband And I Am Her Wife

i am a 27 year male and like to dress in female dress since i was 14 years of age . during ramleela i use to become sita wife of lord rama. since then i have cross dressing hobby. i am software engineer and married to hema my wife 3 yars ago. due to some reason i was discharged from my company . my wife is also engineer and working lady. due to mutal arrangement i remain in house and work as house husband . in day time i wear only sari peticoat. bra, payal and with permission of my wife i wear all suhagin attire and put mahawar on feet, sindur on my fore head .on occassion of teeja ladies festival.  now a days my wife become my husband and i become her wife. i do all work like making food, cleaning house, washing my all wife cloth like sari, bra peticoat and panty. i am very happy with my wife as house husband come her wife.

After staying as lady I made my friendship with my boy friend whose name is rose he loves me a lot. Every day he send me love letter I feel very happy to chat with him. now I have much desire growing every day to go for sex change to live like lady for ever. One day I discussed this matter with my hubby she starts weeping and convinced me live like her wife in house and do all household duty. Any way some how I managed. but I have strong desire to become wife of handsome man and to become pregnant.I love to become full life lady.I have strong desire to have sex relation with my male friend.
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Dear radha,
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It's very nice when your wife is working and you are house husband then u have a duty to happy your wife.your dressing is like a women it's really nice.you look very nice and your wife like u its very good news for you. U are doing all household chores it's really good.take care of your wife.

that is an awesome story of yours. me too carry similar thinking. i also cross dress. initially my wife forced me too cross dress but now i really enjoy being dominated by her and crossdressing

I am a married male, having a beautiful wife and lovely childrens, but I love wearing female dresses, mostly at weekends and on holidays, I wear Saree Gold jewellery, ornaments.
I got my nose and ears pierced to wear nose-pin and earrings.
I also go for outing with my wife wearing Saree Blouse Petticoat, bengals and payal.
Luckily the BODY size of my and my wife are almost similar and I did not required to purchase new or additional clothes. I always apply natural colour lipstick and use nail polish also.
I am really enjoying my life as a cross dresser.
I belong to New Delhi ( Capital of India).
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Hi friend, i like your story. this is realy enjoyable. i also like crossdressing house husband. pls tell me your regular routine as a wife(cd). i want to know your real life story. thanks friend to shere ur experience.

Dear sister thank you. i enjoy this life as i am in heaven. i enjoy two life as male and female. i feel relax when i live like wife of my hubby and do hose work. love you dear

i too an a house wife I was in a crash 6 years ago and can not lift more than 10 lbs so I can not find work/My wife works and i do the house work and cook and wash,I also dress my wife for work and take care of her needs/I wear panties 24/7 and lady's jeans and shorts/ when i do house work I often wear panties and bra and heels / some times i dress "all the way". It is good to see that I am not the only one/ nice to meet you honey.

during intimacy also you must be in female role, i hope. this is a great dream for me. you are lucky.

thanks for comment. this role gives me excitemant and satisfiction

dear nice story is it real or fantancy ?

i also want my husband like you.who may obey me staying at home as a sweet woman like you.

yes my dear lady i wnt to live like female so i happily accepted wife role. i cant live without my female feeling. i love you dear for comment

super radha dear. i am working towards me becoming house husband, wife is a chartereds accountant and i am an engr, i am trying for a job which allows me to work from home, once i get it, i am sure u will convince her, <br />
congrads y have already achieved that

you will enjoy if you become house husband and wear sari and female attire. great fun in this activity

whenever i get a chance during week ends i am already taking up the role of a housewife, fully dressed in a saree. I wnjoy those momemts, as u have remarked

Congratulations on ending up in a situation that allows the real you to come out and for both you and your "husband" to be what each desires to be. Many will be jealous of your situation I am sure.

You are great Radha Bai...! You are very lucky too..! I wish you beautiful life like this...!

thanks you my dear saheli rashi.

so nice dear....

thank you my dear sister rashi.

You are really lucky that you are facing unemployment with proud!

ah, you live the life!