The Way The Wife Found Out

The first time my wife found out about my sexual preferences was when we got married and moved into our first apartment..  I had cross dressed since the age of 10 and once we got married i could not find the right time to tell her how I felt..  So I would dressed in private and kept some of my moms and her lingerie hidden..  So if I played sick or stayed home then I could get dressed up and play..  

It was one of those days to stay at home as I pretended that I was not feeling well..  Called into work and then told her that I was going to stay home as I did not feel very well..  She left for work and I had the apartment to myself. 

I took a long hot bath to get ready for my fun day..  I also spent a lot of time cleaning out my rear for toys.. Then shave all of my private areas and legs..  Making sure that got all of those areas that hair seems to grow.  Then after the bath I put women’s perfume on and then went to my draw that I had hidden all of my things..  

Felt so sexy I started trying on different panties and a bra’s..  Then put on slips and tried different articles of clothing..  Of course my **** grew with ever new article of clothing..  I was humping everything of course I would per-*** and made sure I drank it as it was good..  Finally I put on some stay up stocking black of course and a pair of crouch less panties..  I put on a black camisole and then a black half slip..  

Then went into the living room and turned on my favorite x-rated video..  I brought my vibrator and another slip to ********** with..  

The continued to have fun stroking and watching the *****..  I did my best to hold off from coming and drank all of my pre-***.  The movie finished and I really wanted to *** but wanted to do it big..  I went into the bed room and put several pillows in a row and put down a good magazine in front..  Then laid several slips on top of the pillows..  

I removed my slip and put my **** in between the slip cover pillows with my *** in the air I shoved the vibrator in deep and turned it on..  I started to hump the pillows and it felt so good..  I start looking through my dirty magazine and was going crazy humping the slip covered pillows the vibrator was buried deep in my *** and was buzzing away..  

As I was getting close to ******* I heard something but continued going at it then I heard her voice and yes it was my wife.  there I was on top of these slip cover pillows with the white vibrator sticking out of my ***..  Legs were spread and wearing stockings and crouch less panties..  I looked over my shoulder and she was looking at me and I lost it..  My *** was raising and falling I could not hold back and shot my load as she watched..  What a sight for her to see.  As I finished I turned to look at her again and she was gone..  

I turned off the vibrator and pulled it out.. My *** was trembling and my **** was still dripping ***. Then got up and there was my mess on the pillow and I tried to scoop it up with my fingers and licked it.. Then striped and got on a pair of jeans and headed into the living room..  She had turned off the ***** and changed the channel..  Nothing was said and she left for work within the hour.. Like normal as soon as she left I striped and was at it again..  


We never discussed this but she did not seem mad and to this day she knows my fetish and seems to understand. 

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WOW, I'll bet that was a sight, would have liked to seen it for myself.

I know this might not be the forum for this,, But to answer your question the herbs well they really are not herbs its called BO or bovine ovary is what I started with then moved to Spiro and Estrogen gel, The, BO you have to take close to 2000 Mg and its slow but over all you should see some results between 1 - 3 months. I have read after 6 Months the changes can be perm. Also this is a full body fem not just breasts, which could mean loss of functionality if you know what i mean.<br />
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The Sprio and Estrogen gel has to be gotten from your Doc or Enco. Also the Sprio is the T-Blocker and at ranges of 200 mg it will lower your T levels. Then you add Estrogen and things really change. <br />
<br />
There are many sites that talk about breast enhancements for males and the one I’m on now the ladies there are helpful and understanding as well its free. If you get logged in you need to see Cheryls pictures she is amazing and a real inspiration to us all. <br />
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Your story is an inspiration, thanks for the additional comments. Curious as to what you are taking and how did you get it though.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica

Its a shame that women can not accept their men no matter the clothing, Heck women cross-dress all the time wear mens boxers and slacks as well shirts to sleep in. But to them its not sexual in nature its more of comfort. Then again for me wearing women's clothes is for comfort as well. <br />
<br />
Over the last few years I have been using hormones / herbs in attempt to change my body and style and the wife is starting to notice my breasts are larger and fat is moving to my rear and thighs like a real woman. I have to buy new jeans as the ones I’m wearing do not fit right. So again i will be adding more feminine clothing to the closet. I wonder if she will notice that.. (Hahhaa) <br />
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I’m still amazed that my wife has never said anything but then again its my money my body and my clothes. So what can she say. I have one kid left and once she is gone I might go full time at home to test the boundaries who knows.

So sorry for your loss hon! She sounds wonderful. My wife totally is against it, and I'm not sure where we're going to end up now. But I hope you can find someone again that will accept that side of you.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica

My late wife found my lingerie stash along with crossdressing mags. When she asked about it I confessed everything to her and even told her that I was bisexual. She was shocked that after 9 years together that things would turn out the way it did. It was about a month after this that she had requested that I dress up for her, and I had told her that I would only if she would have sex with me in drag, she agreed. That was a big turning point in our relationship and she started buying panties and lingerie for me, and encouraged my fem side. She even found guys for me to play with and either wanted full details or to be able to watch. This was such a huge turn on for both of us and we always had wild sex afterward. She used to love it when I would email her pics of me giving a guy a ******* or ******* me. We even shared a few guys together, but she prefered to just watch and play with herself. I miss her very much and I will never find another woman like her. I hope you enjoyed this. Hugz.. Suzy

Over the years its gotten easier,I started buying my own lingerie and my underwear draw has been converted to a lingerie draw and that is where I keep all of my panties and camisoles.. She never says anything about it and of course I do not have to steal hers so i suspect that makes her happy. <br />
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Even though my desire is to dress all the time but with kids and stuff its hard to do. But I still wear panties and camisole everyday under my man clothes. Its kind of one of those things thats not mentioned in the house but yet she knows my fetish or lifestyle so I’m not shunned but not really accepted. <br />
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Also she knows about my anal love so I have a draw dedicated to toys and its got a lock on it to keep the prying eyes of the kids out. But after all of these years my sex life is more about what i do by myself than with her. She has no sex drive.<br />
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We did a video once and while I was filming her I was able to use a slip to jerk off with but having me dressed up is not a option. I guess once the kids move out I will try to dress all the time. Maybe she will accept that since the kids are gone.. Been caught a few more time but nothing like the first and that vision sticks with me.

My wife also found out by accident, found one of my bras. Led to lots of crying, therapy, and suppressing my need to dress for long periods of time. Feelings are coming back though. Would love to be friends and hear more of your situation, Dilbutt.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica!

Dilbutt,<br />
Thanks for sharing your story about your wife. She sounds like mine...... while I have never "been caught" the way you have - I have slipped and left out a slip, panties, lipstick, etc at various times..... causes an embarassing situation, but I think she tolerates it...... bbut is no way going to participate or support.<br />
I seem to have many similar interests to you for when I dress and making sure I shoot a good load every time I dress. Would love to "converse" with you on e-mail about dressing and getting off. Will try to message you - or if you are interested - send me a note. Would love to "talk" with you and compare some notes on dressing and ******* off.<br />
Hugs,<br />