Still Wanting It............hard

I keep having this feeling, this desire.  In a skirt or in pants, the feeling doesn't change.  I drive for a living, and pull into rest stops everyday.  Most of them seem to be the kind of place where a car pulls in, a guy gets out and walks into the woods, and then another guy goes in there...and, I guess there's no sense in explaining the rest.  Personally, I don't have the nerve to go into those woods, and start up with a total stranger.............but, oh, what a meet a guy, caress that soft lump in his pants, making it slowly start to grow.  Next thing you know my hand is reaching down, loosening his pants.  I take it out, and just keep messaging it, stroking and ******* ever so nice.  He starts to let a little juice out, so I put my mouth there to clean it up, and then, oh, yes, look at it.  IT's so pretty, big red knob at the end, hard as a rock.  It's time.  I put my lips around it, let it in as far as  I can stand and out, in and out, lick the tip, kiss the tip, lick the sides, right down to the bottom.  Back to the top, put it in again.........oh, my goodness, what a feeling!  He's starting to shake....he must be gonna.......oh yeah!  Oh my!  Holy smoke!  I never had that taste in my mouth before, and it's so warm and creamy!  Oh yes!  I want to get to know him better.  Next time, maybe we'll try the back door.  He's gonna teach me good.  Hope this gets to be a steady thing............
Now if that's the way it really feels, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!
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Fabulous sweetie
Go for it

It is so good to feel all that meat in your mouth t one time. The ilkiness of the outside, the rigidness of the inside, the texture of the mushroom shaped head softer and slipperier than the other skin. The heart beat inside it followed by the swelling at the end and the pumping spasms as it shoots its load into your mouth. The creamy good tasting *** that floods your mouth. UM Um Um!!!

omg i love the way you describe giving head

From experience. Nothing like a hard **** floating around in your slippery massaging mouth. UM UM

I was about to think you were giving up on me. Sent you a couple of messages and didn't get an answer. Hope we are still on and plans can still be made.

glad you like my description. thats the way I figure it would be

no give up, just always on the run

I just remember back to my last encounter and and discribe it he best I could. I'd love to be the one to get yours in my mouth and see what I could do with it. I espcially like it whenwe are both en fem. Makes it that much more sensual. My mouth is watering now just thiking about it. I guess it is Pavloves ********** reacton. lol

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I was one of those guys at one time