Well, here goes............
After a great deal of thought, I have decided to grow them.
A long time ago, I read an article in a magazine about these guys that worked with grain for cattle. It had stuff in it to enhance (speed up) the growth of the animals, and, with constant contact, these poor guys had to have macectomies. I was jealous. I wished I was one of those guys, and wished I knew how to get some of that stuff.............
I have always liked boobs, and often wanted them, then thought, ****, it would be an embarrassment, then wanted them again. I kept going
back and forth with this emotion. I have a large belly (beer is good) and therefore, my breasts are a little larger than most. I really enjoy wearing my bras....44B, and I "seem" to fill out two of them nicely. I noticed yesterday, even when I'm not wearing a bra, my boobs are
noticeable. was the day BEFORE yesterday that I finally decided; YUP! I ordered to jars of cream, a bottle of drops, and the bar of soap. I'm going for it. Now, I don't know how my coworkers are going to react, but, y'know what? Is it their body? Are THEY
obsessed with boobs? If they want their own, I'll be glad to help. But, it's MY body. I'm getting older. I'm not going to live forever. Why not fulfill just ONE of the many dreams I've had all these years? The stuff should be here about the 12th of June. I start using it, and, it's my understanding it willtake a bit to start working. Maybe, come fall, when I'm in a sweatshirt all the time, they will start to show. Wonder how I'll handle next spring?
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you never menioned how is your wife with this decistion. is she into it. are you still sexually active. will you stay together..

I guess I should say my wife KNEW about my dressing, She died 7 years ago.

This is an update. It has been about a year since I started the creams. I can see growth......very little GROWTH.....BUT GROWTH NONE THE LESS. I am happy, but of course, not happy enough. All of my bras are b-cups. Some of them I actually almost fill out completely. Oh well. I never DID have much patience. Good thing I'm not a doctor.

Good luck with your "budding beauties".. I too started taking over the counter herbal HRT pills, and I have only been taking them for just over a month now.
Believe it or not I can see and feel a difference.
I can`t wait for more!!!

The thought is great, no? I was in the doctors office, and noticed they are starting to look like something. I can\'t wait until they are full, and I\'m there again, for when the nurse is looking, and when he is looking!

I have often thought how lovely it would be to put on my 42c and fill the cups fully cleavage showing and enjoy the sight and feel of them swaying and bouncing slightly .

thats what I look forward too also

Good luck they do work and have patience.

thank you. I am anxious though, I must admit. I wish this stuff was around when I was young!

I understand that when I was young I always thought I was a freak for dressing then in my late 20s realized there were others like me.

It was only about ten years ago that I learned there were others like us. After my wife died I got a computer (she was afraid of computers) and I have learned so much about least 1 in every 20 males like female clothes, sites like this
And now.....63 years old, and I decide I want my own boobs? crazy world!

Not a crazy thought at all lots of us want them.

that may be so, but how many of us DO something about it?

I'm not sure on that to be honest I want them but waiting until I retire yes I have used herbs to grow them but it is such a slow process.

You are waiting untill you retire? Why? enjoy them NOW!
I am close to retirement. I wish I had breasts all my life.
I will admit that I'd love to experience womanhood, but, I would never be where I am now. They are unfairly treated at work, and THAT'S A FACT
I KINDA wish I would live long enough to see woman run the world. Then WE would be the weaker sex, and I wouldn't mind women in charge

Is it snowing where you are? There is about 2 feet in my front yard.....and growing!

Because I'm retiring early in 6 months when I hit 56

No snow here, supposed to be 54 today. You must live in eastern part of country, I am in midwest

15 miles north of Boston

only 6 more 3 more years here

NO not crazy at all I at 62 am for the first Dress completely as a women full make over make up ect. and I am contemplating taking my man breasts and have implants inserted. Has anyone had (male that is ) implants and may we see g=hoe they turned out?

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supreme post Love Charlotte X

Fabulous sweetie

i'd love to have boobs but my wife dos not let me wear bras but i do wear panties all the time she will not let me wear nightgowns or skirts at all

I sleep so much better in a nightgown. I am planning to be with a woman in China. She's not so sure about bras (yeah, wait till my boobs grow!) but she
will go along with skirts.

What creams,soaps and drops do you use?

I started with natureday, now I am trying purafem It has only been a couple months, so there's not anything noticeable, but they feel different

Where can i get them frm?

go online, use the searchword breast enhancement. Also, go to You Tube. Look for hypnotic breast enhancement. I just learned that tonight


my pleasure I can't be hypnotized, but I did enjoy it

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As it's now Aug has there been a sight of any thing? I hope you have the size you want!<br />
If your Co workers play up tell then its a condition and its medical so if they want to push it, look out!<br />
Knowing that its only a simple bra for work is the only way to keep the con going! Flowers bows and pinks will not help you to convince them its medical!! Enjoy your soon to be your two new best friends!!

Good luck in your breast development. Let us here on EP how you are coming along with the drops and the cream.

Will do.

Thanks I've read the breast creams do not do much for breast growth. Do you know the active ingrediant?

You go gurl!!! I have been working on enlarging my breasts for the last 3 years. I fill a 38B bra really well, I think. I have used herbs, cream, and suction. I did take female hormons for several months. They really seemed to help a lot, but I started losing my sex drive so I stopped.

estrogen and what else?

I was taking premarin female hormon pills and Red clover, fenugreek and using a breast cream I bought on E-Bay.

IO have not heard about red clover, but will be looking it up. How has it done overall, using the three products?

perfect decision all we need breast woman in us Sasa daily tol dme enlarge your breast but progres go slowlyyyyyy

I'm really considering talking to my hubby and see if he would be willing to try and grow his. I love playing with his nipples and his litle boobs now I just wish they where a bit bigger.

Good for you, girlfriend. My wife and I talked about it and she knew the idea excited me. Then she was the one that first asked our doctor about my growing breasts. Well I took a blood test, found I could and our doctor started writing scrips. It is great and both of us love it now that I feel a B-cup.

tg....what did he write for a prescription?

So MUCH I wish there were more women like you! I do believe that we would ALL be more at ease with "strange behavior" if there were more accepting people. I have thought of other "inappropriate behaviour" but afraid I would get a beating from the non understanding types.

You go girl! I'm sure he'll be receptive.

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Breasts are beautiful. Why would a man want to grow breasts? Because we love them that's why. We love the way they feel, the way they jiggle, and the way they bounce. We are also wanting a particular size. We want people to see we have breasts too. Not the man boobs but breasts. I want to get to be a 38 C cup. The average woman is a B or C cup. They will look very good in my dresses and tops. I am almost a full B right now. If someone says anything about my breasts I will claim I have gynecomastia a disorder where men grow breasts. I will not tell them that is self induced. I love my breasts and I want more. Let's grow breasts together.

Well, I'd like to get rid of this beer belly, and a B cup would suit me fine c'mon, Natureday!

My Grand daughter's husband came downstairs with a package for me. Perfect.<br />
Plain wrapping, no indication. I opened the box, took three droppers full (tastes TERRIBLE), then rubbed the cream in real well. Later, a shower, rub again.<br />
I almost fill a b cup just because of my beer belly. But I want the real thing!

Great ... what a nice day to start growing your own. For me, no beer belly and just got back from shopping. I was fitted for and bought three new bras ... my wife was right they are all C-cups.

you lucky son of a gun! I started sensa the other day, cut back my beer, and started the "stuff" today

I was mistaken thinking I could fill out a B cup, but I know I can do an a. Looking at B's on playboy, that would be good enough for me if the beer belly was gone

I hear you ... there can be too much of a good thing, at least in my opinion. I am very well satisfied with my B's now C's which is probably as big as I will ever be, judging from the women in my family.

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That's great! I have grown my own and not only do I enjoy filling out my bras with my own boobs, my wife like it too.

We have to clone your wife ten times, and make them all have babies, to help supply the world with decent, understanding women. Why can't they ALL be like your wife, you lucky son of a gun! (what size cup?)

Yes I agree, I definitely am lucky to have a wife is understands, but also supportive and encouraging. So in certain way we are like a lesbian couple sharing the feminine together. As for my cup size ... well I fill a B-cup but my wife says I need some new bras and I should try a fitting with a C-cup.

tghubby, tell him

Hormones dear. My wife and I talked about it with our doctor and she ran a blood test, found no reason I couldn't start HRT and prescribes them for me.

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you lost your beer belly? Don't worry, I found it! haha I have to lose mine, too My only fear about it is at work, dealing with customers.....will I cause enough ruckus<br />
to get fired?

Claim you have gynecomastia. It's a medical condition. What can they say about that?

I hope you don't get fired, but don't worry about the beer. You don't hve to quit beer to lose a beer belly. That's just an old wives tale. lol

good on you hun, i tooo am really wanting to go down that route, I have slimmed my body to a size 8 uk and lost my beer belly so I wan t to go for it too

I told you are my hero. Keep me informed, please?