A Pleasant Surpirse

I had the day off. So I slept in, showered then went to get dressed. My wife had put a new bra and  panties set in the drawer with a love note.
It said "stay dressed up and I'll be home for lunch". She came home found me dressed in my new outfit. She looked me over said "You look delicious". I was wearing a tight black knit dress, with pantyhose, full make up, my DD breast forms, and my wig. She said I really looked like a woman. Then she said "don't talk" and we went to the bedroom for a mind blowing encounter. I really did not expect it!
JoanneF JoanneF
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Very nice! So, did your wife know when you met? How is she so accepting of your crossdressing? A story on that would be great!

Luv when they do that!

Wives do keep surprizes up their sleeves from time to me. My wife gave me a bj with her head inside my pantyhose when she caught me, I never expected that.