Went To Walmart Shopping As A Teen Chic

Hi I have been dressing since I was 4 - so it comes natural to me. I have more girls stuff than guy stuff!
Walmart had a HUGE rack of clearance junior clothing for $3! Well the other day it was HOT & I was HOT! I am shaved smooth all over too - tall and thin - very girlish frame....so I felt bold! I put on black VS panties & tucked it under, a push up NOBO bra (I usually wear a-cups).  A pink thin OP top that has shiny silver studs around the scoop neck - a Miley Cyrus destroyed mini skirt with a gold belt, and black NOBO ballerina flats that are sueded!

Because I decided to walk, I put on a grey OP sweatshirt with a hood in case I was seen by someone who might recognize me.
I have a few wigs, I picked a shoulder length blonde with some curls - and a black headband. I kept makeup simple - blue eyeshadow, blush, black mascara, pink lip gloss. For jewlery, gold hoop earings, a gold anklet, girls watch, couple bangle bracelets - and a necklace that is a metal stamped disck with waves in it. Black purse, some strawberry scented body spray on my legs - and off I went!!!!

Quite a few car honks on the way there! I casually went inside, went to the rack and shopped my brains out!!!! Went to the shoe dept found an awesome pair of mary jane style mesh Danskin sneaks that are soooooo comfortable (wearing them now!).

I got a ton of looks in the stoore from guys & girls alike & can say I had a great time! Speant about $100 & got a TON of tee's, jeans, some more bras, leggings too!!!!! Most in med to large I have always been focused on weight loss!

Just act natural & one will be fine! I have gone out dolled up many times so I guess I am over it - but always take the teen look & observe waht other teens are wearing - that is the key!!!!

I know I made some people in there hot!! One guy followed me around a bit - if he only knew LOL!
Well when I came home my VS panties were SOAKED I was so turned on the by car honks & looks I got LOL

Right now wearing an orange OP push up bra, a miley cyrus shirt, miley cyrus blackk leggings  & the Danskin sneaks but think I'll change into the ballerina flats they are so comfy too!! A bit dool so I have a white Danskin sweatshirt on, blonde hair in a pnytail - just a natural girl next door look!!!

Hope you enjoyed my story!
amandastarr amandastarr
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3 Responses May 19, 2010

just loved it baby!

Hi thanks! Yes love low rise jeans too! In fact I went out shopping today too to Walmart!<br />
Wore all Walmart clothes lol - white short shorts with a gold belt (OP), black ballerina flats - plain black tank top & push up bra - again hot so had the hair in a pony tail - a gold tone anklet (rope) gold tone hoops in my ears, some sun glasses & my black leather purse! Real simple! I bought some crop leggings, some tee's, panties, 2 more OP bras, and some Danskin sneaks sooooo comfy! For clearance they had knee high socks so got a white pair!<br />
Got plenty of looks being simple down to earth and not over done - totally shaved too so that helps!<br />
Glad you enjoyed the story!

Hey Amandastarr;<br />
Love your story babe! as the creator of this blog, it is awesome to see others that share my passion. There is nothing more wonderful than passing as a teen girl and fitting in with the crowd! It is that total sexy innocence that I enjoy and the looks I get from guys when I am dressed up. Black leggings matched with a mini and hoodie top and tie dye sneakers are so cool and one of my faves! Do you like dressing in super tight ultra low-rise jeans aka Miss Sixty matched with low cut tops for example? This is my ultimate or tight jean booty shorts with sandals and a fitted spandex spaghetti top or biklni bra? Post more stories we love your courage- YOU GO GIRL!!!