Aahhh! Sweet Memories Of The Sixties.

I became a teenager in 1960's and that's when I went ... on dates.

One thing for sure I loved all the colored lingerie, the garter belts and stockings, frilly petticoats and slips, and the wonderful skirts and dresses. Back then even the house dresses were classy. I loved walking in my Mother's high heels, just exquisite for me. Of course not on dates though.

I went to school in jeans and tennis shoes, mainly from the Girl's Department. Dressed in my Mother's beautiful clothes around the house. Then I got asked out on a date, I was about 14 ... and my Mother said okay.

She had met the young man and set some 'strict' guidelines for us, like she would drive us. Back then a white girl and a black boy together was not quite the norm. So we would need to be careful and to be protected, if necessary.

It was worth it. I got a nice party dress, a pair of my own nylons and the cutest little kitten heeled shoes ever! I felt like a Princess and he treated me like such a Lady ... I was really on Cloud 9. Dancing, holding hands and some kissing.

He was a wonderful kisser. Oh, boy was he EVER!!!!!! Still think about him.

I had been dressing up since I was 5 and as tihe time moved on so did I to more and more of my Mother's clothes. With her help I learned and survived.

Yes, I remember the times well. I remember my clothes and my dates.

Sweet memories.
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My Mother took us there, dropped us off and came back for us. There was no making out in the care with her in the front seat. No she was not sexual with anyone around me. I knew she had dates (she was single, divorced) and sometimes I got to go ... other times not.